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    • System analysis and design
    • Programming, software testing, software quality assurance
    • Outsourcing of IT and telecommunication services
    • IT consultancy and IT process development services to the international or domestic markets
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It’s good to introduce “Rand Enterprises IT Services” which were established in 2017. Rand Information Technology services are provided by expert professionals whose mission is to provide best possible services with consistency, customized to the special needs of each facility. The services are software development, web development and designing, project management, system analysis and design, programming, outsourcing of IT and telecommunication services. Quality is not only the factor which proves the competency, there are others like factors involved like time management, integrity, market knowledge and cost efficiency as well. Rand Enterprises are in cope with all parameters and believe in keeping satisfaction of customer in all aspects. IT services provide development of soft wares, application packages and export, import of software and hard wares. We provide our IT Services in Web development, Graphics Designing, Mobile Application Development, 3D designing, IT and Telecommunication and many more.  


Web Development

Shifting style trends build several sites look dated at the best rate. If your website is stale, then Rand IT Services helps you. 

Graphics Designing

Our graphics services provide you the best creative graphics designing ideas. We tend to can use our creative thinking  to make stunning layouts.

SEO Expert

SEO audit will are available varied levels of detail and quality. SEO Solves page problems appreciate missing titles, and lack of content and many more.

Mobile Applications

Approbation styles, develops and delivers mobile apps across all the main platforms. Rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing.

3D Designing

3D product style is that the creation of a product in 3 dimensions. The result's a digital epitome of your product, one you'll be able to explore intimately.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) could be a technology that uses computer game headsets, generally together with physical areas or environments,

Software Development

Software development is that the method of computer programing, documenting, testing, bug  and maintaining applications

Hardware & Networking

Rand Enterprises offerings within the space of Hardware square measure the subsequent and conjointly networking services as per demand.

Our Projects

3d Designing

In 3D special effects, developing a mathematical illustration of any surface of an object in three dimensions via specialised software system.

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Android Mobile App

In the space of mobile application development, we are unit acting on completely different comes as per demand of our purchasers.

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